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Wrestleania 32 results: 3 April
Posted by: Stephanie on 29 April 2016 in PPVs, Results, Wrestlemania

From LordsofPain.net

The New Day vs. The League of Nations

We go to the ring and there’s a 20 foot tall box of Booty O’s cereal on the stage. We hear WWE Tag Team Champion Big E do the intro as the box tips over and large pieces of cereal fall out. WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day come out of the box next and they’re apparently wearing gear inspired by Dragon Ball Z. They head to the ring for this non-title 3-on-3 Match. The League of Nations are out next and it’s mentioned that King Barrett is accompanying them to the ring, so it will be Sheamus, Rusev and Alberto Del Rio working the match.

Kofi Kingston starts off with Sheamus and they go at it. Kofi with a big shot off the ropes first. He takes Sheamus to the corner and tags in Big E as they begin the unicorn stampede. Xavier Woods is next, then Kofi, back to Big E. Kofi comes in and Big E whips him into Sheamus as Woods plays Francesca 2 The Trombone at ringside. Kofi keeps control of Sheamus as Woods tags in. Woods works Sheamus into the corner but gets dropped. Sheamus with a big slam and a tag to Rusev. Rusev stomps and drops a running elbow for a 2 count.

Del Rio comes in and takes Woods down for a 2 count. Del Rio keeps him grounded now. Woods reaches for a tag but Del Rio stoops him and hits the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Del Rio shoves Big E off the apron. Big E runs in but the referee stops him, allowing Rusev and Sheamus to get cheap shots in. Del Rio with the running enziguri and a tag to Sheamus. Del Rio poses in the corner and fans boo. Rusev talks trash to Woods as Sheamus beats him on the apron with forearms. Sheamus with the rolling senton. Rusev tags back in, runs the ropes and hits a nice senton. Rusev unloads on Woods in the corner and tags Del Rio back in. Woods ends up dumping Del Rio over the top and to the floor. Barrett cheers Del Rio on. Sheamus tags in. Rusev takes out Big E on the floor with a huge kick. Woods drops Sheamus in the ring. Kofi gets the tag and comes in off the top on Sheamus. Kofi unloads on Sheamus and takes out Rusev when he runs in. Kofi with a Boom Drop on Sheamus as fans rally for The New Day.

Sheamus blocks Trouble In Paradise but hangs on. Barrett ends up distracting the referee, allowing Rusev to kick Kofi and save Sheamus from a move. Big E eventually comes back on the apron and tag sin. He nails a belly-to-belly on Sheamus. He suplexes Rusev over the top but he hangs on the apron. Big E runs the ropes and takes out all League members except for Del Rio with a spear. Kofi holds Sheamus while Woods hits a big top rope stomp for a close 2 count. Del Rio with a Backstabber on Woods. Kofi throws Del Rio to the floor and jumps out on his feet. Del Rio ends up hitting a big stomp on Kofi while he was hanging off the apron. Woods is still fighting. He sends Rusev to the floor and rolls Sheamus up for a 2. Barrett nails Woods with a Bullhammer from the floor as the referee is distracted. Sheamus gets the pin on Woods for the win.

Winner: The League of Nations

– After the match, The League celebrates in the ring as we go to replays. Barrett takes the mic and fans boo. Barrett praises them and says there’s no three-man team in history that can mess with them. Shawn Michaels’ music hits and out comes the WWE Hall of Famer to a big pop. HBK has his wrists taped up and he’s in gear. The music hits and out comes WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley as Cactus Jack. The glass breaks next and out comes WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin in jeans, sneakers and a Dallas 3:16 t-shirt. The former WWE Champions march to the ring and make their way in. The Legends face off with The League. The New Day pulls Barrett to the floor. HBK mounts Del Rio in the corner. Foley unloads on Sheamus in the other corner. Austin and Rusev go at it. Rusev turns it around but Austin stomps a mudhole in him. Foley hits Sheamus with Mr. Socko. Michaels drops Del Rio with Sweet Chin Music.

Fastlane results: February 2016
Posted by: Stephanie on 29 April 2016 in Fastlane, PPVs, Results

From Lordsofpain.net

Please note that this match was on the Fastlane lick-off show.

2 of 3 Falls Match for the WWE United States Title: Alberto Del Rio vs. Kalisto

We go to the ring and Mauro Ranallo is on commentary with JBL and Byron Saxton. Alberto Del Rio makes his way out first. WWE United States Champion Kalisto is out next as fans do the “lucha!” chant.

We get formal ring introductions from Lilian Garcia. Big heat for Del Rio and Kalisto gets a pop. Del Rio takes Kalisto to the corner and mushes him. They lock up again and Del Rio slams Kalisto by his arm. Del Rio goes to work on the arm and kicks him in the corner. Del Rio rips off part of Kalisto’s mask and mounts him with rights in the corner. Kalisto turns it around and comes back with kicks. Del Rio tosses him into the ring post and smacks him. They go to the floor and Del Rio chases Kalisto back in. Kalisto with a spiked hurricanrana for a 1 count. Del Rio goes to the floor for a breather but Kalisto comes off the top and takes him out. Fans do the “lucha!” chant but Del Rio sends Kalisto into the apron and kicks him in the head. Del Rio mocks the chants and gets booed. He sends Kalisto back into the ring post and then into the ring. Del Rio with a 1 count.

Del Rio with a snap suplex before showing off in the corner and wasting time. Del Rio goes to the floor and sends Kalisto face first into the post, then the barrier. Del Rio scoops Kalisto but Kalisto counters and shoves Del Rio into the ring post. Kalisto brings it back in the ring for a 2 count. Del Rio rolls back to the floor and Kalisto sends him into the barrier. Kalisto runs the barrier and nails a hurricanrana, sending Del Rio flying over another part of the barrier. Kalisto goes to jump off the barrier but Del Rio smacks him out of the air with a steel chair. The referee calls for the bell and Kalisto gets the first fall by disqualification.

Del Rio manhandles Kalisto and throws him into the barriers several times, then the announce table. The second fall has not started yet as we go to break with the referee checking on Kalisto.

Back from the break and we’re in the ring now. Del Rio is demanding the second fall be started but the referee is still checking on Kalisto in the corner. We get the bell and they go to work. Del Rio fights off Kalisto and quickly hits a stomp for a pin. Del Rio gets the second fall.

Del Rio nails a big clothesline to start the third fall. Del Rio keeps control and takes Kalisto to the corner trying to remove his mask. Del Rio ends up with Kalisto turned upside down in the corner for a stomp. He wastes time and Kalisto brings him to the mat with a Frankensteiner. Kalisto with a kick to the face and a springboard in. They run the ropes and Kalisto nails a corkscrew. Kalisto slams Del Rio face first with a hurricanrana for a 2 count. Del Rio with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Del Rio runs into a boot. Kalisto counters a move and nails a big DDT for a close 2 count.

Kalisto goes to the top but Del Rio gets up and nails him. Del Rio turns Kalisto upside down in the corner again and drops knees. Del Rio climbs up and nails an inverted superplex. Del Rio can’t get a pin as Kalisto rolls to the floor. Del Rio follows and picks up a steel chair. He drops it as the referee warns him. Del Rio turns Kalisto upside down on the barrier and climbs onto it for a big stomp. Del Rio comes back in the ring as the referee counts. Kalisto makes it back in at the 9 count and Del Rio starts stomping. Del Rio once again turns Kalisto upside down in the Tree of Woe but misses the stomp and lands bad. This leads to Kalisto dropping Del Rio into the turnbuckles and rolling him up for the win.

Winner: Kalisto

– After the match, Kalisto celebrates as Del Rio looks frustrated.

Royal Rumble results – 24 January 2016
Posted by: Stephanie on 29 April 2016 in PPVs, Results, Royal Rumble

From LordsofPain.net

We go backstage to The League of Nations. Sheamus says he’s going to get his WWE World Heavyweight Title back tonight and says either way, one of them is going to leave with the title tonight.

WWE United States Title Match: Kalisto vs. Alberto Del Rio

We go to the ring and out comes WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio. We get a look back at the recent title changes. Kalisto is out next to somewhat of a pop.

The bell rings and Del Rio takes Kalisto to the corner. Kalisto quickly turns it around but Del Rio gets the upperhand and goes for an early pin attempt. Del Rio sends Kalisto face first into the corner and talks some trash to boos. Del Rio mounts Kalisto in the corner to right hands as fans count along. Kalisto kicks Del Rio and sends him to the floor. This leads to Kalisto diving out through the second rope. Kalisto works Del Rio over right in front of Brock Lesnar Guy. They come back in and Del Rio turns it around with the running enziguri and a 2 count. Del Rio keeps control and keeps Kalisto grounded after another 2 count.

Kalisto tries to fight back but Del Rio nails the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Del Rio keeps launches Kalisto across the mat, landing on his face on the floor. Del Rio follows to the floor but Kalisto nails a hurricanrana. Kalisto brings it back in the ring but Del Rio counters a move and drops Kalisto over his knees. Del Rio with a 2 count as Kalisto gets the rope. They go back to the floor and Del Rio sends Kalisto into the barrier. Del Rio brings it back in and takes Kalisto tot he top. Del Rio tries to unmask Kalisto but gets knocked to the mat. Kalisto climbs up and nails the senton. Kalisto makes a comeback but Del Rio catches him in mid-air. Del Rio with a big kick to the head for a 2 count.

Kalisto blocks the cross armbreaker. Kalisto goes up top and Del Rio misses the running enziguri as Kalisto ducks. Kalisto comes off the top with a big DDT for a 2 count. Kalisto comes off the second rope and connects. Kalisto slams Del Rio on his face with a hurricanrana. Kalisto with another close 2 count. Kalisto goes back to the top but Del Rio hits him from behind and climbs up. Del Rio slams Kalisto on his face from up high. Kalisto ends up trying to make a comeback but falls on his head and the momentum of the match is off now. Del Rio goes to the top but Kalisto crotches him. Del Rio headbutts Kalisto and he falls upside down in the corner. Del Rio misses the stomp as Kalisto moves. Kalisto nails Salida del Sol but Del Rio gets the bottom rope just before the 3 count. Kalisto springboards in but Del Rio catches him with the knees for a close 2 count. Kalisto takes another big kick. Del Rio exposes the turnbuckle now.

Kalisto counters with a kick to the head that barely connects. Del Rio launches Kalisto into the exposed turnbuckle but he blocks it. Kalisto sends Del Rio into the metal and hits Salida del Sol for the win.

Winner and New WWE United States Champion: Kalisto

Rusev, Sheamus, King Barrett, Alberto Del Rio and Vince McMahon suddenly appear at ringside. Vince orders them to pull Reigns from the ring and they do. The League of Nations destroys Reigns at ringside. They toss him into the barrier and then the steel steps. They continue the beat down as Vince looks on and enjoys the show. The next man out is Stardust.

All three announce tables are messed up as the Reigns beat down continues. They place Reigns on the French announce table and Rusev runs all the way from the first table and splashes Reigns through it. Fans chant “holy shit” as Vince looks on and laughs. Vince leaves with The League behind him. Kofi was eliminated at one point Cole says. The next man out is Big Show. Vince and The League step to the side as Show makes his way out.

The next man out at #26 is Alberto Del Rio.

Lesnar goes at it with Del Rio. Ambrose joins in and helps Del Rio. Braun beats on Jericho. Lesnar fights off Ambrose and Del Rio. Del Rio takes a suplex. Lesnar goes back to work on Braun and clotheslines him over the Lesnar laughs as he’s in the ring with Jericho, Del Rio and Ambrose.

Ziggler with a big DDT on Del Rio next. Wyatt and Ambrose take superkicks. The Miz tosses Ziggler but he hangs on and pulls himself back in. Ziggler comes in but Miz blocks him and hits a Skull Crushing Finale. More action all over the place. The next man out is Sheamus. Reigns attacks Sheamus from behind as he makes his way out. Fans boo Reigns as he enters the ring. Reigns eliminates Del Ro [sic].

TLC 2015 results
Posted by: Stephanie on 29 April 2016 in PPVs, Results, TLC

From LordsofPain.net:

We go back to Tom Phillips in the social media lounge with Alberto Del Rio. He says he returned to WWE because WWE is the place to be and he’s a real fighter so he’s here. He says more titles are about to come and that’s a promise, the United States Title is the first step. He says he’s not scared of Jack Swagger because he’s better in every single category. He says just being Mexican makes him better because Swagger is American. He’s going to destroy Swagger tonight. He says he joined the League of Nations because they’re the best wrestlers in the country and most importantly, they’re not Americans. He says they’re here to take titles and people will be talking about them for years to come. In regards to Zeb Colter and MexAmerica, Del Rio says it didn’t work because he trusted an American. He takes his mics off and walks out of the interview.

Chairs Match for the WWE United States Title: Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio

Eden announces the rules for this match – all chairs will be allowed and the only way to win is by pinfall or submission. WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio makes his way out first and there’s no Zeb Colter with him. Jack Swagger is out next and we see his comments from earlier today, shown on the pre-show.

They both start out swinging chairs and then go to the floor. There are many chairs set up around the ring. Swagger sends Del Rio into a ring post and then slams his face into some of the chairs. Swagger does the “We The People” in Del Rio’s face and slams him into chairs some more. Swagger rolls Del Rio back in and brings a chair. Swagger goes for a Swagger Bomb but Del Rio gets a chair up and it jabs Swagger in the throat. Del Rio with a 2 count and a kick to the back. Del Rio with chair shots to the gut in the corner. Del Rio wedges a chair into the corner. Swagger fights back with right hands. Del Rio whips Swagger into the wedged chair but Swagger avoids it. Del Rio with a Backstabber for a 2 count.

Del Rio with chair shots to the back now. Del Rio gets ready to put Swagger away but Swagger tosses a chair into his face. Swagger ducks a clothesline and hits two of his own. Swagger with a running knee and clotheslines in the corner. Swagger gets hype now. Del Rio gets his feet up on a Swagger Bomb. Swagger goes for the Patriot Lock but it’s blocked. Del Rio keeps control after another 2 count. He tosses Swagger out of the ring onto more chair. Del Rio starts throwing chairs at Swagger and piling them on top of him. Del Rio throws more chairs at Swagger and brings him in the ring for a 2 count.

Swagger blocks the cross armbreaker and sends Del Rio shoulder-first into the ring post. Swagger with a roll up and a close 2 count. Swagger with chair shots to the back now. Del Rio pleads but Swagger wraps his ankle in a chair and applies the Patriot Lock with it. Del Rio makes it to the bottom rope but that doesn’t apply in this match. Swagger pulls him back. Del Rio grabs the ring skirt as Swagger still has the hold locked in. Del Rio finally just falls out of the ring after several minutes and takes the chair from around his ankle. Swagger comes towards Del Rio but takes a chair to the gut. Del Rio comes off the top with a chair but Swagger catches him in mid-air with a big slam. Swagger nails the Swagger Bomb for a 2 count.

Swagger piles up several chairs in the middle of the ring and takes Del Rio to the top. Del Rio fights back and turns it into the cross armbreaker on the ropes. Del Rio breaks it but Swagger is stuck in the corner with his back facing the ring. Del Rio runs in and smacks him in the back with the chair several times. Del Rio brings the pile of chairs under Swagger in the corner. He climbs up and turns Swagger upside down, hitting the big stomp on the pile of chairs. Del Rio covers for the win.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

– After the match, we get replays and come back to Del Rio posing with his title in the corner. Del Rio limps out of the ring as a referee checks on Swagger and we go to break.

Hell in a Cell results: 25 October 2015
Posted by: Stephanie on 26 October 2015 in Hell in a Cell, Image Gallery, PPVs

From PWInsider.com:

John’s opponent is Zeb Colter . . . in a scooter? Zeb wants the music cut. He wonders if John Cena is his real name. Some people like you and some people don’t. That is what he calls a polarizing figure. You are a divider. You are a separator. It is time for people of all different backgrounds to come together. It is time for people from all countries to come together. It is time for you to lose that United States Title to someone who will do more with it than you ever did.

Zeb Colter introduces Alberto Del Rio.

Match Number One: WWE United States Championship Match: John Cena Open Challenge: John Cena versus Alberto Del Rio

They lock up and Cena with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. They lock up again and Del Rio with a side head lock. Del Rio with a kick to the back of the leg and Cena goes to the floor and he is limping. Del Rio goes to the floor and Cena goes to the other side of the ring to avoid Del Rio.

They both return to the ring and Del Rio tries to go for the leg but Cena avoids him. Cena with a kick and punches to Del Rio. Cena with an Irish whip but Cena misses a splash when Del Rio moves. Del Rio with an arm drag into an arm bar. Del Rio kicks Cena in the leg and Del Rio goes for the splash against the ropes but Cena moves and Del Rio goes to the floor.

Cena goes to the floor and he sends Del Rio back into the ring. Del Rio with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall. Del Rio with a boot to the back. Del Rio comes off the turnbuckles with a double sledge and he gets a near fall. Del Rio with a reverse chin lock. Del Rio tries for a suplex but Cena blocks it and Cena with a suplex of his own. Cena goes up top but Del Rio with a step up enzuigiri and he gets a near fall. Del Rio goes up top and hits a double sledge for a near fall. Del Rio gets ready for the Cross Arm Breaker but the “Si” is interrupted by a clothesline from Cena.

Cena and Del Rio exchange punches. Cena with two flying shoulder tackles and then he hits the Blue Thunder Bomb. Cena signals for the Five Knuckle Shuffle and he connects. Cena gets Del Rio up for the Attitude Adjustment but Del Rio gets to his feet and hits a lungblower followed by a super kick for the three count.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

After the match, Del Rio and Colter shake hands and go to the back together.

Hell in a Cell digitals: here
Hell in a Cell screencaps: here

Triplemania XXIII results – 9 August
Posted by: Stephanie on 10 August 2015 in AAA, PPVs, Results

From wrestlinginc.com:

Hair vs. Hair
Alberto El Patron (w/ Fenix) vs. Brian Cage (w/ El Hijo del Fantasma)

El Patron attacks early and lands a suicide dive. Back in the ring, Patron applies an armbar, but Cage powerbombs his way out of it. Cage cracks Patron over the head with a chair, then dumps him outside the ring. Patron is busted wide open and sent back inside the ring.

Cage hits a standing moonsault, but only gets a two count. Patron scores a neckbreaker, but is clotheslined. El Hijo del Fantasma and Fenix get involved, with Fenix taking out Fantasma. Cage then powerbombs Fenix into the ringpost and throws him into the aisle.

AEP with an armbar, but it’s over the ropes, and he’s taken out by Cage yet again. Patron fights back with a lungblower for two, but walks right into another Cage lariat. Cage brings a board and a table, and the ref adjusts it for Cage. Cage tries to toss AEP off the top rope, but ends up getting double foot stomped in the corner. Cage then reverses and armbar and is sent through the board.

Patron pins Cage, but the ref won’t count it. Patron gets mad and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and superkick to the ref, followed by a DDT to Cage. When he sets up Cage for a Frankensteiner, Cage powerbombs him through the table, but there is no ref. A tecnico referee comes out, but it’s a two count.

Cage destroys Patron with chair shots, but Patron catches him with a low blow, runs him into a chair and applies the armbar for the submission win!

Winner: Alberto El Patron via submission (armbar)

Brian Cage has his head shaved after the match. He tries to attack Patron but gets powerbombed. Patron drapes the Mexican flag over Cage.

ROH 13th Anniversary results – 1 March
Posted by: Stephanie on 2 March 2015 in PPVs, Results, ROH

From PWInsider.com:

ROH TV Title Match: Jay Lethal vs Alberto El Patron

Alberto takes out J. Diesel before the bell even rings, then he dumps Lethal out to the floor and takes him out as well with a dive. He rams Lethal into the barricade, then does it a second time. Lethal is hitting those barricades HARD. They go back inside and Alberto gets a quick 2 count before charging Lethal in the corner and getting dropped ding-ding first on the top rope. Lethal dropkicks Alberto to take control, then Truth Martini chokes him on the bottom rope before Lethal starts laying in chops. He dishes out one too many because Alberto catches him in an armbar over the top rope, but Diesel distracts Alberto again and allows Lethal to superplex him. Lethal takes a long time messing with the fans and Alberto gives him a full rotation back suplex off the top as the KRD comes back out to ringside. Alberto comes back with a series of clotheslines and a lungblower, but Lethal rolls him into a cross armbreaker and has him right in the middle of the ring. Alberto gets to his feet and manages to squirm his arm free, but Lethal drives Alberto to the floor and takes him out with the trio of dives. Lethal is going for a countout as Alberto takes a long time to get back in, but he finally makes it back in just in time and is immediately greeted by a flurry of stomps from Lethal. Alberto blocks a superplex attempt and comes off the top with a double stomp for 2. They trade blows in the middle of the ring and Lethal hits the Lethal Combination for 2. Lethal goes to the top, but Alberto nails him with the climbing enziguiri and then gets Truth Martini in an armbar when he tries getting in the ring. Lethal tries coming off the top with a headbutt, but Alberto gets him in a triangle choke as well as he comes down. Lethal uses the Book of Truth to break the hold and get a 2 count, and he goes for the Lethal Injection, but the damage Alberto did to his arm causes him to lose it halfway through. Alberto goes for an O’Connor roll, but Lethal kicks out at 2 and sends Alberto right into a shot from the Book of Truth by Truth Martini, allowing Lethal to hit the Lethal Injection on the second try for the win.

Winner: Jay Lethal

Battleground results: 20 July 2014
Posted by: Stephanie on 21 July 2014 in Battleground, PPVs, Results

From PWInsider.com:

WWE Intercontinental championship Battle Royal: Big E., Alberto Del Rio, Cesaro, R-Truth, Ryback, Curtis Axel, Zack Ryder, Titus O’Neil, Damien Sandow (dressed like a beach bum), Heath Slater, Diego of Los Matadores, Sin Cara, Xavier Woods, The Great Khali, Kofi Kingston, Bo Dallas, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, WWE United States champion Sheamus

Bad News Barrett came out with a mic before the match. He said that whoever wins the Battle Royal gets to become the new WWE Intercontinental champion, but he has some bad news. He said that being the new champion will be like retiring here in Florida. It will be be great in the beginning but it’s just delaying the inevitable, that they will meet their demise at the hands of his Bullhammer.

They all went after Khali first but he fought off the entire ring and began chopping away. He tossed Woods and Ryder. Sheamus nailed Khali with the Brogue Kick and everyone teamed to toss the big man.

Ziggler was almost tossed but hung on. Dallas tossed Cara. Everyone started tossing everyone. Everyone that was left was laid out so Sheamus and Ryback could face off and start battling back and forth. They battled until Sheamus nailed a Brogue Kick on Ryback, sending him over the top. Miz tried to sneak in and tossed Sheamus but was nailed. Miz rolled under the ropes to the floor, so he’s doing the Jimmy Hart hide under the ring spot.

Bo tossed O’Neil over and did his running around bit. Cesaro and Kingston had some good exchanges. Del Rio killed Ziggler with a backbreaker. It’s starting to pick up. Del Rio, on the outside, missed a kick and Ziggler, snapped him on the ropes, eliminating him.

Big E pressed Cesaro but Cesaro slipped out and used a belly to belly to eliminate him. Cesaro tossed Kingston over but he landed on Big E’s shoulders to save himself. They did some really good near elimination spots before Cesaro finally tossed him out with a delayed vertical suplex.

In a big shock, Heath Slater nailed Cesaro from behind and tossed him out. That got a huge pop. Sheamus killed him with a Brogue Kick and eliminated him. Bo Dallas tried to toss Sheamus but it didn’t work out so well for him as he was beaten across the chest and dropkicked out by Ziggler. It came down to Ziggler and Sheamus (and Miz on the floor hiding). They battled back and forth. Ziggler went for the Famouser but something went amiss and instead he landed on top and rained down with punches.

Sheamus went for a powerbomb but Ziggler turned it into a sunset flip deal. Sheamus missed the Famouser but caught Ziggler with a catapult that sent him over the top to the apron. Sheamus worked over Ziggler on the apron. The crowd was really behind Ziggler. They battled on the apron. Sheamus went for the shoulderblock into the ring but Ziggler superkicked him and knocked him to the floor.

Miz hit the ring and tossed Ziggler out, winning.

Your winner and new WWE Intercontinental champion, The Miz!

Money in the Bank results: 29 June 2014
Posted by: Stephanie on 1 July 2014 in Money in the Bank, PPVs, Results

From PWInsider.com:

Money in the Bank: Cesaro vs. Roman Reigns vs. John Cena vs. Kane vs. Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus vs. Bray Wyatt

Triple H and Stephanie sat by the announcers.

They all started brawling. It came down to Sheamus vs. Kane and Reigns vs. Orton. Orton escaped so Sheamus and Kane sandwiched Kane between ladders. Reigns tried to climb a ladder but was nailed by ADR. Sheamus went up another but it was toppled over by Kane. Cesaro and Reigns battled on another but that was toppled over. Kane began cleaning house on everyone.

He set up ladders then grabbed Orton for an apparent chokeslam but pulled him over to the ladder. He held it for Orton but Reigns nailed him and toppled the ladder. Orton looked like he hurt his arm or shoulder when he bounced off the ropes. Reigns used the ladder like a battering ram to Kane and then set up the ladder as HHH and Stephanie looked worried. Bray Wyatt prevented Reigns from getting to the top and they exchanged punches. Bray nailed Reigns but was caught with the Blue Thunder Bomb by Cena.

Cesaro tossed Cena into the air and nailed an uppercut. He went to the top but was met by Sheamus. They battled as Wyatt spider-walked to the ladder and shoved it over. Sheamus and Cesaro hung from the belts, hitting each other. Cesaro kicked him off and hung from the belts but was finally pulled down.

The announcers acknowledged that doctors were working on Orton. Orton did returned to the fray so whatever it was, he can work through it. He and Sheamus fought on the floor and Sheamus bridged a ladder between the announcers and the ring. He beat Orton into it and went atop the ladder bridge but Orton caught him and nailed the hanging DDT off the ladder.

Everyone ended up back in the ring (except Sheamus) and they all battled and tried to scramble up the ladder. Cesaro clotheslined over the top to the floor by Kane. ADR missed a leaping enziguiri and was tossed out. Kane was left in the ring. Sheamus returned and battled with him, nailing him with ten shots across the chest. Sheamus nailed a clothesline off the ropes on Reigns. He nailed White Noise on Orton. He set up for the Brogue Kick on Orton but saw Cena coming and nailed him instead.

Sheamus tossed Orton to the floor and set up as ladder in the middle of the ring. Kane grabbed his foot and dragged him to the outside. Sheamus reversed an Irish Whip and sent Kane into the stairs. Cesaro bridged a ladder between the corner and a ladder, then ran across it to stop Sheamus from grabbing the belts. They battled atop the ladder. ADR shoved the ladder inside the bigger one. Reigns tipped the ladder over, so it was supported by the smaller one jutting out. Cesaro held on hanging them pulled himself around to stop Sheamus from getting the belts. Cena set the structure back the way it should be. Cena joined the fight but was sent down crashing on the ladder bridge.

Cesaro was knocked off and Sheamus went for the belt but was pulled down by Orton and Kane and beaten. Sheamus was dumped to the outside. It looked like Kane would help Orton get the belt but Reigns speared him. Orton smashed the ladder into Reigns’ head. Orton went for the RKO but was shoved off and nailed with the Superman Punch. Reigns began killing everyone with a ton of hot moves and sent Wyatt into the annnouncer’s table and speared Cesaro on the floor.

Cena returned to the ring as Reigns was going for a ladder and they faced off. They went back and forth until Reigns speared Cena. The Authority were calling for Kane to get up. Reigns climbed the ladder but Orton pulled him down and nailed a series of shots across the back. Orton did his backbreaker variation off the ladder. Orton was bleeding from the back of the head. He went to climb the ladder but Wyatt nailed him with Sister Abigail.

Wyatt climbed but was attacked by ADR with a leaping enziguri. He made it to the belts but was forced off the ladder and hit with a Brogue Kick by Sheamus. He climbed up but was yanked off by Cesaro, who nailed him with an uppercut as he came down, then nailed the Neutralizer. Cesaro climbed up but was yanked off into an RKO by Orton.

Orton climbed up by Reigns grabbed his leg and peppered him with punches. They battled on the ladder, slamming each other’s head into the ladder. Orton was really blood by now. Reigns finally took him out with a headbutt but Kane grabbed Reigns and chokeslammed him down.

Orton began climbing up again but Cena returned and nailed them both with AAs and got the belts.

Your winner and new WWE World Heavyweight champion, John Cena!

WM XXX Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal: who did Alberto eliminate?
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Alberto managed to eliminate the following superstars during the Battle Royal, gaining the most eliminations:

1. Santino Marella
2. Sin Cara
3. Tyson Kidd
4. Goldust
5. Cody Rhodes
6. Dolph Ziggler
7. Sheamus (who eliminated Alberto at the same time)

Wrestlemania XXX results
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From PWInsider.com:

Match Number Three: Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

The bell rings and it is a sea of humanity. Kidd with a dive off the turnbuckles, but Yoshi Tatsu is the first person eliminated. Kofi skins the cat and he rolls back in. Cody is next to Kofi as they both hold on to the ropes and roll back in. Brad Maddox is eliminated next.

Big E tries to get Kofi out of the ring but he deals with other issues. Truth is sent to the apron by Mark Henry. Brodus is sent to the apron and he is eliminated by a Khali chop. Khali is eliminated by 3MB. Rey is put on the turnbuckles and Zack Ryder is eliminated by 3MB. Ziggler holds on to the ropes. Darren Young fights off 3MB. Darren Young is eliminated. Rey stays in the match while hanging on the apron. Henry sends Drew into Jinder and both are eliminated by Henry. Slater comes off the turnbuckles and Henry catches him and eliminated Slater.

Henry is eliminated by Big Show when he was focused on his last elimination. Ziggler hangs over the ropes and he gets back in. Cesaro with a European uppercut to Cody. Titus is eliminated. Santino gets the Cobra but Miz fights it off. Xavier Woods sends Miz to the apron. Woods punches Santino.

Santino eliminates Miz with the Cobra. Cesaro with European uppercuts to Sheamus. Ziggler hangs from the ropes again. Goldust is setnt oth ea rpon but Sandow but Cody with Beautiful Disaster to Sandow and Goldust holds the ropes down for Cody to eliminate Sandow. Big E eliminates Justin Gabriel while Show head butts Truth. Cara kicks Rey on the apron.

David Otunga has been eliminated. Fandango and Big E fight on the apron and Fandango with a kick and Big E is eliminated. Fandagno dances on the apron and Sheamus with the forearms to the chest and he keeps going until he is tired and Fandango falls to the floor.

Ziggler avoids elimination at the hands of Cody and Goludst. Show eliminates Turth with a press slam. Kidd with a kick to Del Rio. Del Rio with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker to Kidd. Kidd kicks Del Rio but goes to the apron. Kidd with an enzuigiri and he goes up top but Del Rio with an enzuigiri and Tyson is eliminated. Goldust hangs on teha pron.

Cesaro goes to the apron and he fights with Cody. Cesaro with a boot to stay in. Cesaro avoids Goldust and Del Rio eliminates Goldust. Del Rio fights off elimination at the hands of Cody. Del Rio eliminates Cody with a kick. Sheamus tries to eliminate Big Show while Del Rio tries to power bomb Rey but Rey with a rana that sends Del Rio into the ropes. Rey with a 619 and then he sends Cesaro into the ropes. Cesaro grabs Rey and then Cesaro with a European uppercut to eliminate Rey.

Cesaro sends Kofi over the ring post but his feet stay on the steps. He hits a cross body on Cesrao. Kofi with a pendulum kick to Sheamus and Trouble in Paradise to Del Rio and then to Show. Cesaro blocks Trouble in Paradise and it is time for the Giant Swing. Show grabs Cesaro and gives him a choke slam. Sheamus with a Brogue Kick to Show. Kofi falls victim to a Brogue kick but he stays on the apron. Another Brogue Kick eliminates Kofi. Ziggler skins the cat but a kick from Del Rio eliminates Ziggler.

Del Rio punches Sheamus and Sheamus punches back. Del Rio with a kick but Sheamus sets for White Noise. Del Rio floats over into the cross arm breaker. Sheamus picks up Del Rio and both men are eliminated.

We are down to the final two . . . Big Show and Cesaro. Show grabs Cesaro but Cesaro escapes and he connects with a series of European uppercuts and clotheslines. Show sends Cesaro over the top rope to the apron. Cesaro with a kick and then he goes up top and Show hits Cesaro in the throat with a chop. Show picks up Cesaro but Cesaro lands on his feet and he connects with a European uppercut and he slams Show over the top rope to the floor.

Winner: Cesaro

Elimination Chamber 2014 results
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From PWInsider.com:

Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio

Batista was booed as soon as his music hit. Del Rio came out on crutches and said that due to Batista’s attack, he wasn’t able to compete. He then nailed him with a ctrutch he bought to the ring and disrobed to reveal his tights. He kept working him over with shots to the back and knees. He nailed Batista again and yelled for the bell.

Batista pulled himself to his feet and attacked Del Rio. The crowd was behind ADR and booing Batista. They were chanting, “Boo-Tista.”

Alberto tied up Batista in the ropes and used the armbar. He then began stomping the hell out of him. The crowd chanted for “Daniel Bryan”, I guess in protest of Batista being in the main event of Wrestlemania.

Del Rio cinched in an armbar. Now, the crowd was loudly chanting for CM Punk. Batista fired back but ADR snapped his arm with his knees. JBL acknowledged it was an unusual crowd cheering for ADR. A “Y2J” chant broke out.

Batista sent ADR into the corner shoulder-first. Batista nailed him with several shoulderblocks but was kicked down. ADR nailed a double stomp off the ropes. The crowd began chanting for “RVD.” ADR nailed a kick to the head for a two count, but Batista grabbed the bottom rope at the last second. Batista was covered again but kicked up. Now, it was a “We want Lesnar” chant.

Batista caught ADR with a spear and covered him for a two count. He worked over ADR but was caught with a backstabber. ADR missed a swanton and was nailed with a spinebuster. The crowd booed the hell out of that. ADR escaped a Batista Bomb attempt and kicked Batista in the head for a two count.

ADR called for the cross armbreaker but was shoved into the buckles and nailed with the Batista Bomb for the pin.

Your winner, Batista!

Digitals: here

Royal Rumble 2014 results: 26 January 2014
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From PWInsider.com:

They went to a backstage vignette where wrestlers were picking their numbers. Alberto Del Rio was really happy with his pick and said he would take everyone out.

Number 27 was Alberto Del Rio. He went right after Ryback. Cesaro and Ambrose battled in the center as everyone else battled in the corners. Harper tossed Ambrose over but he slid under the ropes. Cesaro slammed Rollins.

Del Rio drilled Batista with a enziguiri, knocking him to the mat. He went for the armbar but Batista powered up and tossed him over to the floor.

ADR has been eliminated.

WWE.com’s top 25 matches of 2013
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#8 Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio – World Heavyweight Championship Match (WWE Payback)

WE SAID: As Dolph Ziggler will surely tell you, he kind of has everything going for him, and as of last summer he had the World Heavyweight Championship, to boot. But the first defense of his hard-won World Heavyweight Championship at WWE Payback still left the WWE Universe heartbroken for the show-stealing antihero they loved to hate.

The then-champion had fought hell and high water to claim the World Heavyweight Title belonging to Alberto Del Rio (who had recently been reborn as a folk hero to the people),and fate turned against him almost immediately when an extremely serious concussion promptly took Dolph out of the game. Ziggler’s return against Del Rio at WWE Payback seemed like it would cement his spot at the top until “Mexico’s Greatest Export” took the easy way out and teed off on The Showoff’s formerly concussed skull, kicking him repeatedly in an effort to not so much beat Dolph as humiliate him.

Ziggler refused to stop the match even with his girlfriend AJ Lee in tears at ringside, but the damage had already been done, and the ruthless Del Rio didn’t even have to ply his signature Cross Armbreaker to take back the gold. If the crushed look on Ziggler’s face wasn’t enough, the sentiment was shared by every single member of the WWE Universe. Yes, it’s hard to feel sorry for a guy like Ziggler when he’s a villain, but what happened wasn’t so much an instance of payback as the big reveal: The Showoff was always the people’s hero, and Del Rio the slithering snake with an eye for gold. Dolph didn’t just get taken for a ride; we felt like we’d all been duped along with him.

THEY SAID: “Sometimes people go to the dark side or go to the good side because it’s planned out or that’s what’s ‘best for business,’ or it just happens on a whim. For someone like myself, who, as a career bad guy for eight years, was getting more cheers than some of the good guys because of the entertainment value I deliver, it organically happened. And to run with something organically and make it that much better is a gift that Del Rio has and also I have. [He is] so good at what he does … we have this thing where I don’t know him that well. We’re not friends, we never were. But when we get in that ring, you can see, not the hatred, butit’s this awesome chemistry we have as opponents, no matter the situation. I was crushed to lose the World Title; you can legitimately see it in my face that I am crushed I did not come out on top in that match. But it was an awesome experience and I don’t know that any two people in this business could have done it better.” – DOLPH ZIGGLER

Screencaps: here
Digitals: here

WWE.com’s top 25 matches of 2013
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#15 Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian – World Heavyweight Championship Match (SummerSlam 2013)

What happens when you combine Christian’s jaw-jacking punches, Alberto Del Rio’s ferocious kicks, a World Heavyweight Championship and a sold-out STAPLES Center in Hollywood? Well, as the WWE Universe found out at this year’s SummerSlam, one helluva match. For roughly 15 minutes, Captain Charisma and The Essence of Excellence savagely tried turning each other’s faces into hamburger meat, with dozens of stinging strikes echoing throughout the arena, and thanks to their almost uncomfortable display of brutality, an instant classic was born.

Far be it, however, for two of WWE’s premier technicians to rely on vicious strikes alone. There were elements of lucha libre and traditional mat wrestling. Most impressively, Del Rio scouted Christian to a tee: A Christian back elbow was turned it into a top-rope backstabber, and a late-game spear attempt was halted by a dropkick to the face. Christian did eventually hit the spear, but in doing so, further weakened his already injured shoulder, leaving him an easy target for the Cross Armbreaker.

Screencaps: here
Digitals: here